以下中心和研究所的定义如下 编码备忘录AA-2014-18 加州州立大学校长.


办公室:SCC 404(小型学院综合楼.4)

E-mail: khamdan@lkaa.net

加州STEM创新与改进研究所(CSI3) 包含多个STEM项目,专注于招聘, training, placing, 支持STEM教师. The programs are: Pathways Academy, Master Teacher Fellows (MTF), Transition to Teaching (TTT09 &TTT Online), 城市教师居住(UTR),STEM高级实习教师(STAR), 中学特殊教育教师干预计划(SSETI), Noyce学者计划(NSP), 数学和科学教师计划(MSTI), and Project Reach. 这些项目为渴望成为大学服务区域内高需求学校教师的候选人提供财政和学术支持.

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Dr. 卡迈勒·哈姆丹,主任 & 安嫩伯格教授
Dr. 马特·琼斯,副主任
办公室:SCC 520A(小型学院综合楼. 5)

E-mail: khamdan@lkaa.net & mjones@lkaa.net

The mission of the STEM教育创新中心(CISE) is to bring Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to the forefront of K-16 education through leadership and service. CISE is a regional center focused on enabling transformative and inspiring STEM learning experiences. 我们与学校的伙伴关系, districts, community colleges, 地方和国家组织, philanthropic and industry leaders serve to broaden our impact across institutions and our local and global community.

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Ms. 米歇尔·约翰逊,临时主任
Office: 1000 E. 维多利亚街1号停车场,卡森,加州90747

E-mail: TBD

CSUDH婴幼儿发展中心是一个全日制的以中心为基础的包容性项目,服务于18-30个月的典型发展幼儿和18-36个月的发展挑战幼儿. 儿童可由区域发展障碍中心转介. 该中心也向CSUDH员工的子女开放, faculty, and students, 还有周边社区的孩子们. 该中心每周开放5天, 12 months a year, 并提供了一个丰富的计划,专注于技能获取, learning through play, 语言发展, 以及其他领域. 该中心还为华南理工大学和其他学院的学生提供实习场所.

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Dr. Lisa Hutton, Director
Office: COE 1427

E-mail: lhutton@lkaa.net

The Center for History-Social Science Education is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in history and social science education. 该中心隶属于加州历史社会科学项目. 该中心为K-12教师提供专业发展. 历史学家和其他专家与教师合作,改善学校历史社会科学的教学.

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Dr. 导演马修·琼斯
Office: NSM A-115B

E-mail: mjones@lkaa.net

数学和科学教育中心(CMSE)旨在通过支持与教育学相关的活动来改善数学和科学的教学, research, content acquisition, leadership, 课程开发.

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Economics Institute

Jose N. Martinez, Co-Director
Office: SBS D-328
E-mail: jnmartinez@lkaa.net

Fynnwin Prager,联席主任
Office: SBS B-309
E-mail: fprager@lkaa.net

The Economics Institute at CSUDH aims to lead the South Bay region with innovative and forward-thinking economics education and research. The Economics Institute serves the College of Business Administration and Public Policy faculty and students, as well as community stakeholders by: Developing CSUDH economics curriculum and teaching while incorporating proven high-impact practices; Engaging our diverse student body in economic analysis projects through mentoring programs, guest speakers, and community outreach opportunities; and Facilitating faculty development through economics research resources, 拨款写作成果, 以及当地企业和政府社区的参与.

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创业学院@ CSUDH

Mr. 迈克·格里姆肖,执行董事
Office: SBS B-314

Email: mgrimshaw@lkaa.net
Websites: CSUDH的创业学院 and CBAPP创业学院


The Institute will provide a safe haven and center of knowledge for all things entrepreneurial in our community!


做一个领导者至关重要, fast growing areas of entrepreneurship and small business development for our first generation students, urban, minority, female participants, faculty & staff.

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默文动态非裔美国人政治 & Economic Institute

Anthony Samad,执行董事
Office: SAC 2140

E-mail: DymallyInstitute@lkaa.net

的使命和目的 Mervyn动态非裔美国人政治和经济研究所 (MDAAPEI)是建立, 运营和维护一个相关的中心,继续研究20世纪到21世纪非裔美国人在加州政治和经济贡献的动态. MDAAPEI will ultimately become a primary clearinghouse of publicly disseminated information on the subject of the past, present and future of African American political leadership in California; it will become an on-going academic and community research entity particularly dealing with economic and political development issues; it will become an archives for the collection and preservation of the papers and contributions of California political and economic leaders; it will become a facility to coordinate the training of youth for involvement and participation in Californian, 最终成为全国性的, public service and politics; and it will become a headquarters for the coordination of conferences, 与这些联合主题有关的讨论会和专题讨论会. 所有这些活动都将对整个大学和公众开放.

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Multicultural Affairs

Dr. Lisa Sueki,院长助理
办公室:LSU 110和学生成功中心(图书馆,三楼)

E-mail: lsueki@lkaa.net

The Multicultural Affairs serves as a focal point on campus for creating intercultural awareness, 敏感和沟通. The Center is a safe haven for individuals and groups to explore not only their own ethnicity but all ethnicities. 该中心提供文化节目, 校园社区参与, 为学生和员工提供志愿者和领导机会. 其他项目包括Diversity Chats, 人际关系静修, a cultural resource library and opportunities for co-sponsorship with other groups and departments on campus.

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Director (TBA)

E-mail: olli@lkaa.net

The Osher终身学习学院(OLLI) 科罗拉多州立大学Dominguez Hills是一个由志同道合的50岁以上成年人组成的学习社区. 智力刺激和参与的学习经验,在一个支持性的, social environment.

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Raul Guzman, Director
Office: EE 1300

(888) 4LA-OSHA
E-mail: rguzman@lkaa.net

The OSHA培训学院教育中心 is designated by the U.美国劳工部OSHA培训学院教育中心. As an authorized OTIEC, the Center provides health and safety training to the private sector and to federal personnel from agencies outside OSHA. 该中心通过各种安全和健康项目,包括社区外展工作,支持职业安全与健康管理局的培训和教育任务, 西班牙语课程, and youth initiatives. 通过其广泛的培训计划,该中心促进员工的安全和健康,并使个人能够将OSHA安全和健康实践纳入其工作场所. The Center administers the OSHA Outreach Trainer program which develops individuals to teach OSHA standards and safety practices. In addition the Center offers a wide range of courses covering such topics as hazardous materials, machine guarding, ergonomics, 电气标准和防摔系统. The Center plays a prominent role in curriculum development and provides subject matter expertise germane to local industry. 职业安全与健康管理局培训机构教育中心在使职业安全与健康管理局在其促进安全的努力中接触到更多的人方面具有重要意义, 减少伤害和疾病, 并最终拯救生命.”

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Dr. 马特·马奇勒,局长
Office: LIB 5069

E-mail: mmutchler@lkaa.net

城市社区研究中心 (UCRC)是一个专注于需求的多学科应用研究中心, problems and solutions that arise in urban areas with a special focus on the South Bay Region of the Los Angeles Basin.  Goals of the center include conducting high quality research on urban change and social problems; providing social scientific expertise from CSUDH faculty to community-based organizations, governments, and other entities in the South Bay Region and beyond; and creating opportunities for students to receive training through involvement in applied research projects.

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其他Centers and Institutes

The following 中心和研究所 are provided for informational purposes only and are not categorized under the language of 编码备忘录AA-2014-18 加州州立大学校长.

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Ms. 谢丽尔·麦克奈特,导演

E-mail: cmcknight@lkaa.net

The 美国印第安人学会 为印第安学生提供外联服务和学术支持,并促进印第安人和非印第安人之间的相互理解和尊重. 该研究所设有美国印第安人倡议(AII). AII的使命是促进教育, health, culture, 以及美洲印第安人社区的社会正义.

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Center for Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense, Computational Science, and Knowledge Management

Dr. Mohsen Beheshti,主任
Office: NSM A-132
网络安全实验室:LIB 5717

E-mail: mbeheshti@lkaa.net

The Center for Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense, Computational Science, and Knowledge Management (CECS)由计算机科学系建立,旨在将自然与行为科学学院(NBS)和校园内其他学院的学科结合起来. The Center is used to integrate knowledge and expertise in all disciplines in the College shared facilities. 该中心将支持诸如 网络防御,网络安全,生物恐怖主义,生物信息学 以及其他相关领域. 该中心将有能力建设基础设施和新项目. 该中心将涉及NBS教师和学生的不同群体的项目. The Faculty and students will come from different disciplines within California State University, 多明格斯山(CSUDH)和社区学院与大学合作.

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Dr. Gary Rhodes, Director
Office: EE 1300

E-mail: grhodes@lkaa.net

全球教育中心, 由联邦拨款和赞助资助,  推动正规澳门平台十大赌博,培养跨文化意识, 合作与理解. Living and working effectively in a global society requires learning with an international perspective.  Center research and resources promote this type of learning by collaborating with colleges, 世界各地的大学和其他组织:

  • 创建新的并加强现有的海外学习项目;
  • integrate an international and intercultural perspective into the US educational system;
  • increase the ethnic diversity of participants in study abroad and provide special resources to support their participation;
  • provide information to better prepare students and other travelers for their experience abroad; and
  • 鼓励正规澳门平台十大赌博领域的研究.

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服务学习、实习中心 & Civic Engagement

Ms. 谢丽尔·麦克奈特,导演
办公室:韦尔奇大厅,Riin 105

E-mail: cmcknight@lkaa.net

The CSUDH 服务学习、实习中心 & 公民参与(SLICE) is committed to facilitating and fostering quality experiential learning opportunities for students.  我们支持发展校园间的共生关系, 大洛杉矶/南湾地区的当地社区, 以及国际社会的全球邻居.  SLICE advocates campus contributions of knowledge and skill which promote the quality of life in these communities.  我们的工作支持大学的使命,致力于“卓越和多元化的高等教育”,并通过广泛参与和社区公民责任,进一步实现民主社会的目标, social, and economic affairs".

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Dr. 玛丽亚·莫拉莱斯-托马斯,协调员
Office: COE 1477

Email: mmorales@lkaa.net

The 教学职业中心 supports the undergraduate teacher preparation programs by providing fieldwork coordination. 主任与当地学校保持关系, 根据加州教师资格认证委员会(CCTC)的要求,为通识教育和其他本科专业的学生提供早期实地实习机会。, 并确保所有学生在入学前达到最低要求.e. 指纹清除率(TB).

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Office: LIB C-502

E-mail: TBD

The 城市环境研究中心 (CUER)的主要目的是协调, support, and expand urban environmental activities at California State University Dominguez Hills (CSUDH). CUER是CSUDH跨学科环境科学硕士学位的赞助商,该学位为学生在政府环境职位做好准备, consulting, research, and advanced studies. 通过校外资助,CUER继续更新设施,并购买用于环境研究和教育的仪器,包括校园温室和本地物种示范花园. 该中心向学生和当地社区成员提供外展服务,鼓励他们参与以环境为基础的科学探究.

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Dr. Marisela R. Chavez, Director
FDC Office: LIB 1940

Email: mchavez@lkaa.net

The mission of the 教师发展中心 是通过学生与有效结合教学的教师的接触来支持大学成功教育的使命, scholarship, and service and to help create a campus culture that values and supports excellence in teaching, learning, and research. CSUDH的教师发展包括支持, 资源和服务,使教师达到卓越, integration, 以及对教学的满意度, 在他们的职业生涯中获得奖学金和服务.

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Dr. Natasa Christodoulidou,主任,
Office: SBS C322

Email: nchristodoulidou@lkaa.net

The 酒店技术研究院 (HTRI), 主要目标是汇集学术成员, research, industry, association, and consulting communities interested in the various technologies in the Hospitality Industry. As part of its mission, HTRI是一个教育机构, networking, 以及与酒店业相关的社区的新闻和研究资源. HTRI通过《澳门十大赌场注册平台》(CBAPP)杂志为其成员的工作提供出版机会, and to network with the hospitality technology industry at our Annual Symposium which will be held every February in Los Angeles, California.

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Older Adult Center

Dr. Katy M. Pinto, Director
Office: SBS B-235

E-mail: kpinto@lkaa.net

The Older Adult Center (OAC)为校园里的大龄学生提供支持, 但为各个年龄段的人提供了一个温暖友好的氛围. 服务包括60岁以上学生的学费减免计划. OAC还为学生提供许多其他学术和社会机会, 教职员工,包括研究生课程专业和其他专业的实习. 感兴趣的人可以顺便来看看, sign in at the center, 欢迎大家加入非正式的讨论小组.

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Toro Learning & Testing Center

Dr. Rosa Heckenberg
Learning Center
Office: LIB C-121
E-mail: rheckenberg@lkaa.net

Testing Center
Office: LIB North 5705
E-mail: testing@lkaa.net

The Toro Learning & Testing Center (TLTC)是学校的主要学术援助中心. Free individual and small group tutoring sessions are provided for currently enrolled CSUDH students. Tutoring sessions focus on helping students improve their various academic and study skills in Writing, Math, 及理科相关课程. 此外,还提供特定科目的辅导. Peer student tutors are available to provide students with useful strategies and suggestions to help them reach their academic goals.

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Dr. Hugo Asencio
Dr. Rui Sun

Contact Info:
Dr. 阿森西奥:(310)243-2724,电子邮件: hasencio@lkaa.net,Office: SBS A-307
Dr. Sun:(310) 243-3331, E-mail: rsun@lkaa.netOffice: SBS D-314

The 公共政策研究所 (PPI)成立于2013年,服务于工商管理与公共政策学院和公共管理系的教师, 学生和各种社区利益相关者. 其主要目标之一是通过与该市各种公共部门和非营利实体的关系,在不断发展的公共管理和公共政策领域引领大洛杉矶和南湾地区, county, 州一级和联邦一级. PPI制定了一些计划,以灌输互动和思想交流, teaching, 学者之间的奖学金, researchers, students, public administration, 非营利专业人士. PPI通过实习促进学生参与公共管理和非营利项目的本科和MPA级别, mentors, symposiums, 以及社区外展项目. It provides opportunities for faculty development while serving as a feasible research resource. The PPI also provides grant writing options/deliverables and community engagement with close student involvement.

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